An Attentive And Compassionate Family Lawyer

When you face a family law dispute, the world may seem against you. Relationship and family matters often put a strain on your emotions, leading to a tense and exhausting legal process. Attorney Karen E. Lee understands your challenges, and strives to help you resolve your legal challenges quickly and amicably. With help from an experienced family lawyer, the legal process can be easier to overcome.

Ms. Lee always prioritizes open communication and honest counsel, so you can make the most informed decisions on your case. You deserve an attorney who answers calls promptly and is available whenever you have questions.

Resolving Complex Family Law Matters

With over 30 years of family law experience in Cuyahoga County, Karen Lee has experience resolving even the most complicated family disputes. Ms. Lee can help you through matters involving:

  • Division of property and assets
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Business ownership
  • Retirement and pension division
  • Modifications of past agreements

Karen Lee has helped families across the Cleveland metro area find relief in their most difficult family disputes. When your divorce involves a number of complicated components, you need an attorney experienced in resolving these affairs.